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The Big Idea Lab blog aims to empower readers who are curious about how money systems work. We publish articles by thinkers who show how a few tweaks in our money system can empower people to improve their quality of life, while putting back more than they take.

This blog invites experts from many fields to share their opinions and insightful, well-researched information. There is an urgent need for new ideas and options in currency creation. The The Big Idea Lab seeks out thinkers with new solutions who show ways to build a better future. Our public discussion of Decentralized Debt Free Money gives people a way to participate and benefit from the abundance that technology and a decentralized debt-free money system can create.

Our current Debt-Based money system brought us a long way but it no longer meets the needs of the modern world. Debt-based money is in fact the biggest obstacle to living within the means of the planet, as it is created and loaned when profits can be made, rather than for use by people. Institutions and businesses won’t invest money, nor will banks them loan money, unless there is an opportunity to turn a profit. As pursuing profit is implicit in each venture using debt-based money, our economy is characterized by consumerism and over consumption. Yet even people who know this must participate in it, because we all use debt-based money.

Debt-based money was the only option before Decentralized Debt Free Money came along.  The Big Idea Lab blog will take the reader on a speculative journey into a world where DDFM changes everything.

Our goal is to publish one to five articles per week from a variety of authors, journalists and experts.  We will send one email per week with links to new articles.  So please add your email to the list by Subscribing To The Big Idea Lab Newsletter.

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