Flip the Script: Our View of Money Vs Resources

Imagine a world where our monetary structure is set up to provide all we need for the kind of society we all desire; education, job training, and health care for all. A world where our communities decide where and how our resources are spent.

This reality may not be so far-fetched or far away from our current actuality.  With Decentralized Debt Free Money, we may be able to have it all without being at the expense of the place we call home, Earth.

So what exactly can DDFM do to make these big financial changes come true? And what can it do to benefit our societies in the long run? Let’s delve into it,

What Makes DDFM – Decentralized Debt Free Money Different?

In our current system, money is controlled with a centralized system. Money is created and injected into the economy in the form of loans given by banks.

But DDFM is run by a decentralized autonomous organization or DAO.  Money is earned into existence based on the needs of the community.  When members of this community agree upon projects that need to be completed, it is not about having enough money to complete them but about having the resources, totally flipping the script on our current system.

Creating money for community needs

For example, there is a need to develop public transport, especially to a part of town where there are a lot of older adults living that no longer drive their own cars. Regular and reliable transportation is something the community decided is a priority. The labor that now creates and maintains that service is what generates the money into the economy.

Another example could be community-based childcare.  High-quality daycares are community-built and provide services to any family that is in need, despite their economic standpoint. The contractors building the centers, the teachers tending to the classrooms, and the cleaners that sanitize the center daily would all be doing jobs that would create currency.

The rules of DDFM are regulated by the members of the DAO as well as approving and prioritizing which projects are completed for the good of the people and for the good of the planet.

Flip the script from debt to resources

These are just some examples of what DDFM can implement for our communities. No longer will we be held into a financial system that puts money first over the good of the people and planet.  With DDFM, the only thing stopping us from creating a system that sustains all of the needs of the community is resources and our human ingenuity.

Our goal is to figure out how to economize available resources while improving the quality of life for everyone all while putting back more than we take. A resources-first system by the people and for the people and planet just may be the new script we so desperately need.

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