Token categories in a Decentralized Debt Free Money system

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      Garth Wells

        The system I designed uses a blockchain that has a built in exchange and requires very little energy. It uses a consensus protocol instead of mining. It is easy to set up a new token and with the built in exchange Sally can send token A to Fred and Fred can receive token B if he doesn’t use Token A.

        One token is earned into existence. distribution accounts receive the token from the source account automatically when they reach a minimum threshold and they send back to the source account when they reach a maximum threshold.

        Money Users can hold tokens directly on the blockchain which is the equivalent of having cash. Or they can deposit in the distribution account where the tokens are fully insured but they are transferred to the distribution account where they can be recirculated. In this case, you are depositing with a trusted third party like putting your cash in the bank.

        Asset-backed tokens are another type of token. This might be real estate or commodities or anything physical. These tokens are 100% backed by a physical asset. No leveraging. This is a safe store of value and a good place to save your money.

        Stock Tokens. Companies can issue their stocks as tokens on the blockchain. You can by stock without paying fees and with the built-in exchange you can use a little bit to buy a coffee also with no fee.

        There may be other types of money to add to the system but that will be up to the organization.

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